the hope accord

Important Note

The Hope Accord is an independent initiative and is not affiliated with any other organisation. The text of the Accord stands on its own, and by signing the Accord, you are not endorsing these additional resources. However, you may find the following information useful for further context and understanding.

Growing Body of Evidence

The Hope Accord refers to a “growing body of evidence” suggesting concerns about modified mRNA products. While the full extent of this evidence encompasses hundreds of studies and reports, we provide here a selection of resources from our founders that together offer comprehensive overviews and analyses of the available data.

Root-Cause Analysis

The following resources delve into the underlying systemic and cultural factors that contributed to the issues addressed by the Hope Accord:

Please note that the inclusion of these resources does not imply endorsement of all views expressed within them by all signatories of the Hope Accord. They are provided for informational purposes only.

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